Interested in becoming a Gluide? Seattle has a bright and vibrant community and thousands of travelers visiting that want a local experience. We are looking for interesting, passionate people to join Gluide and show people around.


Make great money - You set your own price, and can add additional features to your tours. Think of this as the 'Uber' of touring.


Work on your own time - You can host tours as much or as little as you like, in your spare time or full time. You're in charge of your calendar, and you set your own availability.


Have fun - Gig work can be a drag- endlessly driving people around or delivering packages or food. Instead, Gluides spend time engaging with and sharing the things they're passionate about. Get paid to do what you love!


Not sure what you can offer? No worries! We can help you provide compelling trips and help to set you up for success.


No costs to sign up or operate. Must be 21 years or older. Vehicles are not required to be a Gluide.


Because Gluide operators are independent contractors, earnings will vary. We'll do our best to help you maximize your earnings on each tour you provide and iterate on customer feedback. You'll be connected with a network of other tour providers to help you along the way.


Still not sure? Have any questions? Call 916-915-3472 or email

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